Wayne, Pa. (May 4, 2021) — Tekni-Plex Medical recently launched a Prototype Solutions Services initiative to support medical device manufacturers at the design stage of new tubing products used in critical fluid-transfer applications.

The prototypes created as part of the service are instrumental for testing material used in extremely sensitive medical applications, including torturous paths, extremely tight tolerances, layered extrusions, pump applications and lubricity requirements, according to Gary Mizenko, technical operations manager, Tekni-Plex Medical

“This initiative enables us to leverage our extensive knowledge of material science and process technology to enable medical device companies to solve their most critical fluid-transfer design challenges,” Mizenko said. “With this launch, medical device professionals can access our people earlier at the design stage to develop tubing products that meet a wide range of challenging performance criteria.”

Mizenko explained the company’s knowledge of manufacturing tubing in a variety of materials, including PVC, urethanes, Pebax and TPE.

“Combining these services with our material science knowledge really puts us in an ideal position to help fine-tune designs, quickly deliver prototypes, and ramp up production in a quality-driven, efficient manner,” he said.

The Prototype Solutions Services initiative is also designed to enable the company to react quickly to customer production requests.

“Our prototyping equipment is a smaller scale version of our commercial systems, so we can transition seamlessly from small tubing runs to full production,” Mizenko said. “This capability is supported by our internal compounding capability, which enables us to tailor materials which support the development of innovative tubing solutions.”

“In addition, being vertically-integrated allows us to address both quality and speed-to-market deliverables for our customers.”

About Tekni-Plex Medical
Tekni-Plex Medical provides advanced medical grade, polymer-based solutions (compounds, tubing and other products) for medical devices and other applications. Its nine manufacturing locations use lean manufacturing tools and principles to drive quality and continuous improvement programs to ensure on time delivery of premium medical products worldwide. For more information, visit www.tekni-plex.com/tekni-plex-medical.