TekniPlex Consumer Products has expanded its state-of-the-art vent manufacturing with newly added capacity at its Gronau plant. The addition of new machinery allows the company to directly weld venting capabilities into closures, servicing a global roster of customers as a full-service solutions provider while meeting closure application needs for the industrial and agro-chemical markets worldwide.

As TekniPlex continues to scale up capacity around the globe, the new machinery in Germany extends the company’s direct welding capabilities from the U.S. to Europe and builds on existing venting in lining capabilities in those locations.

“The addition of venting capabilities to our Gronau facility allows us to be a full-service solutions provider for our overseas customers, with the ability to respond faster and more comprehensively to global needs,” said Dirk De Mulder, sales director for the liners business in Europe and Asia. “We are committed to continue identifying new opportunities that serve our customers where they are, and where they need us most.”

Direct weld venting allows for the membrane to be welded directly to the closure, eliminating the need for a liner. The new machinery incorporates advanced technology, providing superior welds and faster throughput for liner-less closures such as totes, jerry cans, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), and other industrial containers. Applications for direct welding closures include motor oil, janitorial products, industrial cleaning products, agro chemicals, and more.

Vented liners and closures allow for pressure equalization in a sealed container, preventing expansion, contraction, contamination, and leakage. Controlled airflow has always been critical for aggressive compounds that off-gas or scavenge oxygen; however, recently even containers with benign ingredients require venting due to sudden pressure and temperature changes that occur during e-commerce.

“In addition to the new venting capabilities at the Gronau facility, our customers will have access to expertise by specialists who understand their unique needs,” said De Mulder. “On-site manufacturing also will mean shorter lead times, lower freight costs, and fewer duties and tariffs for our customers.”

TekniPlex Consumer Products will stock inventory at the Gronau facility in some of the most common liner/closure materials and sizes, and will soon be able to manufacture thousands of combinations to engineer solutions for an even wider variety of containers and closures.

Initially, TekniPlex will utilize the new venting capabilities at the Gronau facility to serve the European, Middle Eastern, Indian, and North African markets. The company has plans to further expand venting capabilities to the TekniPlex Consumer Products facility in India.

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