Bonded, single lumen tubes deliver consistent peel strength & dimensional stability; company also will feature new lower-weight reinforced coated paper for medical device applications.

Wayne, PA – TekniPlex Healthcare, which utilizes advanced materials science expertise to help deliver better patient outcomes, will showcase its recently expanded range of paratubing solutions at MD&M West, Booth 3227, February 7-9 in Anaheim, CA. Among other differentiating benefits, TekniPlex Healthcare’s paratubing solutions can be produced in up to eight tube configurations, including custom-colored, textured or striped tube formations to distinguish between flow paths.

Paratubing consists of multiple, single lumen tubes bonded together for operations such as arterial drills or biopsies, as well as with medical devices utilized for wound management, laparoscopic, neurovascular and ophthalmic procedures. Paratubing makes it easier for clinicians by eliminating the need for clips and ties commonly used to organize multiple tubes, allowing each individual tube to be peeled apart and affixed to its relevant medical device or equipment for suction, irrigation, drug delivery or lighting.

TekniPlex Healthcare’s validated manufacturing processes yield paratubes with uniform, repeatable and consistent bonding strength between 0.22 and 1.5 pounds, protecting dimensional stability and ensuring each individual tubing line’s integrity. Maintaining consistent bonding strength prevents individual tubes from separating prematurely and being rejected by healthcare providers, and also eliminates the need for excessive force to peel the tubes apart, which can damage or distort them to the detriment of patients.

“The complexity of paratubing product designs constantly challenge traditional extrusion manufacturing practices, due to their highly customized medical applications,” said Meg Henke, Head of Global Product Management. “TekniPlex Healthcare’s validated manufacturing processes and in-line testing ensures product uniformity and consistency. Improving accuracy, efficiency and safety to support better patient outcomes.”

Manufactured with tight inner and outer diameter tolerances, TekniPlex Healthcare’s paratubing solutions are available in phthalate and non-phthalate PVC formulations engineered to accommodate unique device specifications. Customized solutions can include tubing enhancements to assure correct and secure line connection with device ports, fittings and luers. Custom validation services also are available.

Also at MD&M West, TekniPlex Healthcare will showcase its new lower-weight reinforced coated papers for medical device protection. The company’s proprietary coating formulations and application technology result in rolls that can meet demanding performance and sterilization requirements, even when slimmed down.

The new reinforced coated papers are suitable for packaging a variety of common healthcare items including syringes; tubing such as IVs, catheters and airway filters; gauzes, sponges and bandages; and devices sterilized by EtO and radiation. TekniPlex Healthcare also will display samples of its TekniMD® PX, a high-performance thermoformable, recyclable co-polyester film serving as an alternative to PETG for medical device packaging applications.

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