WAYNE, PA. (Dec. 19, 2023) — TekniPlex Healthcare, which utilizes advanced materials science expertise to help deliver better patient outcomes, has completed its acquisition of Seisa Medical in a deal that significantly extends TekniPlex Healthcare’s medical technology solutions platform. This acquisition specifically enhances the company’s materials science and process technologies for minimally invasive and interventional therapy devices on a global scale.

Based in El Paso, Texas, Seisa is a medical device manufacturer servicing every stage of the product life cycle including design and development, component manufacturing, and final assembly. It employs more than 2,000 people across four facilities in the U.S., Mexico and Slovakia.

“This acquisition elevates TekniPlex Healthcare into a full-fledged contract development manufacturing organization in the medical materials science space,” said Chris Qualters, CEO for TekniPlex Healthcare. “Seisa’s broad portfolio in the burgeoning interventional technologies niche – including its prowess with stent grafts, mitral heart valves, endovascular procedures and cardiovascular catheter delivery systems – complement our legacy capabilities exceptionally well. Combining Seisa’s strengths with ours allows us to more comprehensively engage with customers to develop engineered materials, co-design components and assemblies, and provide sterile barrier products, among other categories.”

“In TekniPlex Healthcare, we’ve found a partner that shares our longstanding commitment to delivering solutions that excel in challenging medical applications – ones that help save lives and improve patient outcomes,” said Julio Chiu, Seisa founder and CEO. “Our customers can be reassured and encouraged that the combined strengths of Seisa and TekniPlex Healthcare will lead not only to sustained excellence, but also broadened capabilities and manufacturing platforms. This agreement instantly creates among the medical device industry’s most robust, value-added CDMOs, to our customers’ immediate benefit.”

This is the 21st acquisition that TekniPlex has completed in the past decade, supporting its strategy to grow its business through transformative acquisitions and strategic add-ons.


About Seisa Medical

Seisa Medical is a global full-service contract manufacturer of Class II and Class III medical devices and specialty components, ranging from implantable stents and tubing sets to pediatric and orthopedic-care products. It serves customers through every stage of the product life cycle, including design and development, component manufacturing, final assembly, and packaging. Founded in 1983 with headquarters in El Paso, Texas, and manufacturing locations in North America and Europe, Seisa offers end-to-end turn-key solutions backed by full regulatory compliance with FDA registration and ISO 13485 compliant operations. The company is a market leader in providing solutions for mission-critical precision components, medical equipment, and finished FDA-Class II and Class III medical devices.


About TekniPlex Healthcare

TekniPlex Healthcare utilizes advanced materials science expertise and technologies to develop and deliver critical solutions for medical and diagnostic devices, drug delivery systems and healthcare packaging applications. With a global reach, the division’s deep understanding of the greater pharmaceuticals and medical landscape helps it produce exemplary barrier properties for drugs and precision medical devices for interventional and therapeutic procedures. TekniPlex Healthcare’s ever-evolving portfolio helps meet demands for high-leverage medicines and mission-critical healthcare products that benefit care providers and patients. For more information visit www.tekni-plex.com/healthcare.