Wayne, PA – TekniPlex Healthcare, which utilizes advanced materials science expertise to help deliver better patient outcomes, is expanding its capabilities portfolio by commencing multilayer blown film manufacturing in a cleanroom environment. Located at TekniPlex Healthcare’s production facility in Puurs, Belgium, the new multilayer blown film line exemplifies the company’s strategy to develop higher-order barrier solutions per increased industry demand.

For TekniPlex Healthcare, the new multilayer line joins a number of existing monolayer lines all inside ISO Class 7 cleanrooms at the Puurs facility, for use in the production of cleanroom bags. The addition comes as some healthcare market players are shifting from food-grade resin-based bags to those comprised of pharma-grade resins produced in GMP cleanroom conditions. In addition, TekniPlex’ customers have expressed a need for higher barrier solutions requiring multilayer film/bag capabilities.

Some segments of the pharmaceutical and medical device markets demand high levels of cleanliness, either in their packaging or processing, to produce or protect highly sensitive products. To meet these needs, TekniPlex Healthcare has a longstanding history of producing low-density polyethylene (LDPE) bags that meet strict cleanliness requirements, with both film extrusion and bag sealing conducted in cleanroom environments at the Puurs facility.

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All TekniPlex Healthcare cleanroom-manufactured bags are double or triple packed for use in customers’ cleanrooms, and can be individually labeled for comprehensive supply chain traceability. Custom resins or resin blends, including custom additives, are available, as are certified sterilized products with Gamma irradiation.

The new cleanroom-housed blown film line is expected to begin operation in Q2 of 2024, with full-scale commercial production following shortly thereafter.

“There is a growing demand for films extruded and bags sealed in cleanroom environments across various healthcare categories,” said Bryan Wesselmann, VP of Sales and Marketing for TekniPlex Healthcare. “The introduction of cleanroom production for multilayer blown films and bags at our Puurs, Belgium facility demonstrates our dedication to acquiring more extensive, market-responsive capabilities. This expansion aligns with our goal of increasing capacities and market share for our existing solutions portfolio.”


About TekniPlex Healthcare

TekniPlex Healthcare utilizes advanced materials science expertise and technologies to develop and deliver critical solutions for medical and diagnostic devices, drug delivery systems and healthcare packaging applications. With a global reach, the division’s deep understanding of the greater pharmaceuticals and medical landscape helps it produce exemplary barrier properties for drugs and precision medical devices for interventional and therapeutic procedures.

TekniPlex Healthcare’s ever-evolving portfolio includes CDMO capabilities, allowing the division to service every stage of the medical device product life cycle, from design and development through component manufacturing and final assembly. Its broad offering helps meet demands for high-leverage medicines and mission-critical healthcare products that benefit care providers and patients. For more information visit www.tekni-plex.com/healthcare.