About Tekni-Plex

Tekni-Plex is a globally integrated company that provides innovative solutions through material science and manufacturing technologies. A global leader in the Healthcare and Consumer Product markets, Tekni-Plex provides medical device components and a multitude of material science solutions that lead to a healthier and more sustainable world. Its solutions are found in some of the most well-known names in the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Household and Food & Beverage markets. Headquartered in Wayne, Pa., Tekni-Plex employs 7,000 people throughout its operations in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Northern Ireland and the United States.

Who We Are
A global leader in advanced materials science, Tekni-Plex engineers solutions to meet customer needs in critical applications that touch every aspect of life, from medical devices to food packaging.

Global Expertise
Our worldwide presence and strength give us access to a broad range of material and developmental resources.  In addition, our divisions work in highly regulated markets and have decades of expertise in navigating global regulatory requirements.  This enables us to create and service products remarkable for their safety, reliability, consistency and quality throughout all our global facilities – to help our customers meet their goals.

The Right Solution
We love a challenge. Whatever the requirements, we’ll provide the solution. From standard to complex custom applications, we offer a full range of offerings – the right solutions for the right application.  Solving problems is our purpose, and we guide our customers to the right answer every step of the way, because the right solution is also the solution to peace of mind.

As pioneers in polymer technology since 1967, our spirit of exploration continues to run deep. Today, it means providing world-class materials science, advanced R&D, and superior engineering and processing capabilities. This expertise enables us to deliver products, however basic or challenging the requirements may be. We guide our customers through material selection, and as their needs evolve, we can create novel solutions to meet them.

Manufacturing Excellence
Never content to rest on our reputation, we’re constantly investing in our people, plants and new technologies. Whether it’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities or our commitment to ongoing training and continuous improvement, our customers are assured of the highest-quality solutions. Our experts work hands-on, manufacturing and delivering exceptional products and raising the standard of excellence that has made us an industry leader.

It’s about people as much as our products. Our accessible, experienced staff collaborates closely with customers, guiding them through material selection, product design, and processing – as well as streamlining the procurement process. Most importantly, we’ve won the loyalty of our customers by delivering unmatched reliability, resulting in a level of satisfaction that’s helped us build lasting relationships around the world.

It’s the foundation of our global divisions, Healthcare and Consumer Products, and key to world-class relationships with our customers. They trust us for consistency, quality and safety awareness. Of course, it all begins with our people. We invest in the best – and their expertise, collaborative spirit, and pride in what they do makes every decision easier for our customers.

Good Citizens
As a global company, we recognize our responsibility to our local communities, employees, and shared environment. We participate in the communities in which we operate, volunteering in local events, raising funds for charities and working to minimize our carbon footprint.  Our plants support local economies with good-paying, personally rewarding jobs and opportunities for professional growth.