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Internal Employee Referral Program (US)



Did you know that Tekni-Plex offers current employees an opportunity to act as a talent ambassador for the company, while receiving a monetary reward? Through the Tekni-Plex Employee Referral Program, you can receive up to $6,000 annually in referral awards. Below, we outline the eligibility and application process. Employees are also encouraged to speak to their Human Resource Manager for additional details or answers to questions they might have.


How to Participate

The referred candidate should apply via the Tekni-Careers website and select “Employee Referral” as their source, with the name of the Tekni-Plex employee who referred them in the field provided. If they are hired within 12 months of the application, remain in good performance and attendance standing during their first 6 months of employment, and meet the below Referred Candidate Eligibility, the current Tekni-Plex employee will receive the relevant award amount after 6 months of service from the newly hired employee!

Award Amounts

Hourly Positions: $500

Exempt Positions: $1,500


Current Employee Eligibility

All active full- and part-time US employees at the time of referral and award payment date are eligible to participate. Additionally, effective August 1, 2019, we have modified the eligibility requirements and immediate relatives are now eligible to participate in this program.

The following individuals are not eligible to participate:

  1. Members of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT).
  2. Employees whose job functions include recruiting or Human Resources.
  3. Supervisors and managers and any leaders in the direct management hierarchy responsible for managing the position.
  4. Employees on leave of any type.


Referred Employee Eligibility

The following candidates are not eligible:

  1. Individuals with an active resume/profile on Tekni-Plex’s Applicant Tracking System in the 12 months prior to ERP submission.
  2. Interns, vendors, temps, contractors, or consultants who are currently employed by Tekni-Plex or have been employed by Tekni-Plex in the past 12 months.
  3. Interns now being hired as regular full-time employees.
  4. Former Tekni-Plex employees.
  5. Former employees separated due to a divestiture and subject to the employment terms in the divestiture agreement.


An employee cannot earn more than $6,000 annually in referral awards. No more than $1,500 will be paid for any single referral that results in a hire. The Senior Director, Global Talent Management and Learning will resolve any eligibility issues that arise during this process. Employees will learn of their referral’s status only if the referred candidate is hired for the position for which they were referred within a 12-month period.