Protecting Products, Strengthening Brands, Innovating Sustainably

Trust the magic of new beginnings!

Please visit the newest members of the Tekni-Plex Consumer Products family:

The TekniPlex Consumer Products division focuses on collaborating with our clients and brands to bring innovative and sustainable solutions to market.

Our unique company portfolio brings together industry experts and creative thinkers that work together to push the boundary on what is possible.

It is our mission to find solutions that are aligned with client strategies and protect the integrity of our customer brands.

Our technological process expertise includes:

– Highly engineered material solutions
– Thermoforming and Injection Expertise
– Paper forming expertise
– Extrusion and co-extrusion capabilities
– Shelf life product preservation experts
– Sustainability and Recyclability
– Lamination
– High Barrier
– High tolerance precision molding

Materials science expertise includes:

– Paper
– Plastic
– Molded fiber and Pulp
– Aluminum
– Rubber
– Post consumption material
– Bioresins