Tekni-Plex products help address time-sensitive supply requirements for COVID-19 related products

With increased demands being put on healthcare providers as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tekni-Plex is here to assist you. Since the beginning of the pandemic outbreak, we have been putting our advanced material science knowledge and global manufacturing footprint to use by providing solutions to meet emerging needs.

Here are just a few ways we can put our expertise and supply chain to work for you:

PX line of copolyester films for face shields. Tekni-Plex’s line of high-transparency, proprietary copolyester PX films are an ideal alternative to PET or PETG for face shields. Multiple grades (TekniMD® PX or Tekniflex® PX) are available, as thin as 7 mils (177µ), to address your design or regulatory requirements. Inventory is available for immediate shipment.
Diagnostic test kits and swab stick packaging. These sterile medical products require the right type of barrier packaging to deliver performance requirements. Tekni-Plex offers a wide variety of rollstock options for peelable or tear-open diagnostic test kit packages. Additionally, Tekni-Plex is one of a few worldwide suppliers that can coat paper and Tyvek® for form/fill-seal applications such as swab sticks.
IV tubing options, including Tekni-Plex Medical’s Natvar brand tubing produced with phthalate-free PVC compound from Colorite. An increasing number of hospitals are removing IV pumps from the COVID-19 patient’s bedside and placing them outside the hospital room door to minimize the chance of exposure for front line doctors and nurses. This means that the standard six-foot tubing requirement has been tripled and even quadrupled to get the length required to manage therapy at a distance. Tekni-Plex’s global manufacturing footprint can help meet your extended tubing requirements.
Injection molded vials and contract filling capability for COVID-19 reagents. For companies needing to ramp up production of COVID-19 reagents and buffer solutions, Tekni-Plex offers injection-molded plastic vials and filling equipment, as well as contract filling capability to meet your production requirements. Tekni-Plex’s Lameplast/LF of America system features injection molded unit-dose vials (0.3 to 10ml vial capacity) that provide a higher level of precision and excellent functionality. To ensure accurate test results, precision reagent delivery is critical.
Plastic swab stick shafts for medical/pharma products and dip tubes. Action Technology offers precise, tight tolerance, extruded plastic components produced in a controlled manufacturing environment. Tight dimensional tolerances facilitate secondary swab stick operations (flocking, tipping, marking or scoring). FDA compliant materials include PP, PE, PS and specialized blends. Swab stick options include shearable, breakable and sterilizable. Additionally, Action has ramped up its production of dip tubes to address the sharp increase in demand for a wide range of household products including soap and hand sanitizers.
Closure liners for pharma and food products. Our Tri-Seal business unit has ramped up production to meet the growing global demands for closure liners. These liners are used on a wide variety of pharmaceutical products to help meet oxygen and moisture barrier requirements, as well as provide the correct seal between the closure and the bottle finish. With growing “stay-at-home” dining, liners are also in demand for food and beverage products. We are also supporting increased demand for cleaning and sanitization products.

Dolco Packaging egg cartons. Dolco is the leading manufacturer of polystyrene egg cartons in the United States and has been working hard to keep up with the demand shift from foodservice to consumer. Because restaurants are currently operating at reduced occupancy, a higher percentage of eggs are currently being consumed at home. Because eggs offer an affordable protein option for families, we see demand staying solid even during an economic downturn. Therefore, we are working on ways to boost our production to serve the marketplace.