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California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 (SB 657) (“Act”) became effective January 1, 2012 in the State of California. The Act requires that certain companies doing business in California disclose their efforts to eliminate slavery and human trafficking from their direct supply chains.

Tekni-Plex, Inc. (“TPI”) provides this statement about its obligations under the Act. At TPI we believe in doing the right thing. TPI expects its suppliers to respect applicable laws, to behave in an ethical manner, and to conduct their activities in compliance with all applicable laws including those that require them to treat workers fairly, respect human rights and provide a safe and healthy work environment and compliance language is part of our standard purchase order terms and conditions. Although we engage in periodic internal assessments of our product supply chains to evaluate and address risks of human trafficking and slavery, we do not engage a third party to conduct an assessment or verification. TPI provides periodic training on human trafficking and slavery and mitigating risks within supply chains of products to its management and employees engaged in procurement on behalf of TPI.

TPI intends to continue to evaluate the ways that it may reduce the risk of slavery and human trafficking in its direct supply chain. These efforts may include developing internal accountability standards and providing additional training regarding mitigating the risk of slavery and human trafficking in TPI’s supply chain to those who have direct responsibility for supply chain management.

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