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TekniPlex Launches New Internal Innovation Recognition Program Learn More!

At ACHEMA, TekniPlex Healthcare to Demonstrate Automatic Filler-Sealer for Single-Dose Plastic Vials Learn More!

At Pharma Days in Geneva, TekniPlex Healthcare to Give Presentation on Blister Packaging Sustainability Per Rapidly Evolving EU Regulations

Consumer Products TekniPlex

Consumer Products

Protecting Products, Strengthening Brands, Innovating Sustainably. Transforming industries with innovative, sustainable, and diverse materials science solutions.

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Our products serve critical packaging and delivery needs, touching millions of consumers every day. That’s why we focus on collaborating with our clients and brands to bring innovative and sustainable solutions to market that improve the lives they touch.

Fresh Food

Plastic & Paper Containers, Lids & Food Service

Our range of cups and lids for dairy, coffee, and more, features high-barrier technology for lasting freshness and taste. Perfect for on-the-go convenience and quality.


Protein Packaging Perfected: Superior quality trays and egg cartons designed for sustainability and maximum protection, helping to ensure your protein products are fresh and ready for the market.


Food Service Excellence: From deli containers to delivery-ready PET cups, our solutions are designed for efficiency, durability, and optimal presentation to help enhance the food service experience.

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Efficient dispensing solutions tailored for food, personal care, and industrial needs. Our dip tubes and gaskets help ensure spill prevention and seamless dispensing.


Specialized solutions for dosing: dropper bulbs, tubes for aerosols and beauty products. Designed to enhance accuracy and control.


Reliable and effective dispensing solutions from personal care products to agrochemical, household, and industrial, enhancing user experience.



Our food-grade sealing solutions, including multilayer and easy-to-peel options, help ensure freshness and safety.


Our tamper-evident seals offer protection for a range of products. Designed to provide peace of mind, these seals help ensure product integrity from production to consumer, highlighting our commitment to safety and quality assurance.


Tailored sealing solutions for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Our high-quality gaskets and seals meet stringent industry standards, provide tamper-evidence and help preserve the integrity of your products.

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Bringing value to your business through our expertise in the formulation, processing, and manufacturing of materials-based solutions.

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Consumer Products Family on supermarket

Materials Science Expertise + Materials Diversity

The TekniPlex Consumer Products division focuses on collaborating with our clients and brands to bring innovative and sustainable solutions to the market. Our unique company portfolio brings together industry experts and creative thinkers that work together to push the boundaries of what is possible. It is our mission to find solutions that are aligned with client strategies and protect the integrity of our customer brands.

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