Corporate Giving and Match

TekniGives proudly donates directly to both local and national frontline charitable organizations. The purpose of these contributions is to directly support the communities in which we operate and to help them through the struggle with COVID-19. In addition, Tekni-Plex has committed to Match contributions by our individual employees under the Tekni Match component of TekniGives. Donations to any of the organizations listed below are Match-eligible, please click here to learn more.

Under the Tekni Match program, if employees would like to donate to any of the approved causes listed below, Tekni will match their personal contributions dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000 in total (limit $500 per employee). Tekni will Match up to $250 for pre-approved charities, up to $250 for the TekniGives Employee Relief Fund, or both for up to $500 per employee in total Match.

How Does It Work for External Charities?

  • Select a cause and visit their website to follow the organizations donation process
  • Complete and submit this form to let us know about your donation, including the attachment field for proof of donation
  • All matching requests and supporting documentation will be reviewed by the TekniGives Committee and processed on a regular basis
  • Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions prior to making your donation

$700K Donated to 200 Organizations Worldwide

Eligible Charities

Non-US Organizations


  • Arminaa
  • Public Center of Social Aid
  • Red Cross
  • Regional Service Ninova
  • Masks for doctors, homes, clinics


  • Colin Neighborhood Partnership
  • MacMillan Care Belfast
  • Belfast Homeless Services

Costa Rica

  • Testing Proactive C19
  • Institutio Tecnologico de Costa Rica (Respirator Project)
  • Cartago Non-Profit

Gujarat (Ahmedabad)

  • Manyawar Kanshiram Hospital
  • PPE to COVID Workers
  • Akshaypatra

Kundli (Greater Noida)

  • Khatraj Village Food Kits
  • Khatraj Village School
  • Akshaypatra


  • Centre de Benevolat & Mosson Laval


  • Duchenne Dystrophy Muscular
  • Parents Association of Disables
  • ASD Polisportiva Super Hability


  • Blue Cross S. Prospero
  • Blue Cross Concordia
  • Tutti Insieme a Roverto e S. Antonio