TekniGives Employee Relief Fund

Are you facing hardship caused by COVID-19?

The TekniGives Employee Relief Fund was created from individual donations made almost entirely by the Tekni-Plex Executive Leadership Team to help employees facing financial hardship following a qualified disaster.  Please note that initially the Relief Fund is focused on supporting full and part-time regular employees experiencing financial hardship due to circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who is eligible for financial assistance from the Relief Fund?

Applicants must be current regular full or part-time employees of a Tekni-Plex company and must be impacted by COVID-19.

What are the types of relief eligible for a grant?

Eligible persons may apply for a one-time grant for financial assistance under Tier 1 or Tier 2 below.  The amount of financial assistance available will be determined based on the amount of funds available in the Relief Fund and total number of persons who apply for financial assistance.  The monetary value any grant will be adjusted based on the geography where an applicant is located.  The two tiers of relief are as follows:

Tier 1 Basic Needs Relief

This type of relief is meant to address qualified disaster-related hardships that include relief for basic needs such as food and groceries, rent, utilities, standard medical costs (i.e. co-pays and medications), clothing or other general expenses.

Tier 2 Critical Needs Relief

This type of relief is meant to address the more critical and exigent circumstances for those severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic or other qualified disaster. These situations may include financial hardship caused by the death of an immediate family member, funeral expenses, and significant medical expenses directly-related to COVID-19 or other qualified disaster which are not otherwise covered by other benefits, or temporary loss of housing or homelessness.

The descriptions and lists above are not all-inclusive and there may be other hardships caused by COVID-19 or another qualified disaster that may be eligible for the financial assistance described above or for additional financial assistance, each at the discretion of the TekniGives Committee.

Availability of Funds

All awards are subject to the availability of funds and extent of need. Because the Fund is supported by donations, there is no guarantee that there will be available funds at any given time. 

How to Apply

Visit your regional page (link below) for application forms and instructions: