Employee Relief Fund


How to Apply

  • Complete one of the below application forms
  • Send your completed application, along with all supporting documentation to [email protected]

Who will review my application and will my information remain confidential?

Your application for financial assistance from the Relief Fund will be reviewed by a dedicated TekniGives Committee made up of a group of employees and executives of a Tekni-Plex company. The personal information you submit in your application or otherwise in connection with applying for financial assistance from the Relief Fund will only be used by the Committee to determine your eligibility for financial assistance and to determine the amount of any financial assistance granted.  No personal information received as part of your application for financial relief will be shared with your immediate supervisor or other employees, regardless of whether your application is approved or not.  The TekniGives Committee may need to discuss your application with your local HR representative in an effort to facilitate your application. If financial assistance is granted, personal information necessary for processing and making the payment will be shared with the persons(s) responsible for processing and making payments on behalf of Tekni-Plex. You will also be required to complete a tax form for our records, either a W-9 if located in the US, or a W-8 if located outside the US. If you have any questions in this regard, you can send an email to [email protected].

Will I be Required to Disclose Information About my Health and Medical Status?

No healthcare or medical information is requested or required to be submitted in connection with your application for financial assistance.  If you are requesting financial assistance for a medical or healthcare expense, the details regarding the medical or healthcare services provided should be removed or redacted from such supporting documentation.

What supporting information is required?

In addition to the application and any supporting documentation provided with the application, the TekniGives committee reserves the right to request additional information to support your request for financial assistance.  Additional documentation and signatures may be required as part of the application process (examples of documentation may include:  eviction/foreclosure notifications, past due utility bills, police/fire report, medical bills (with health information redacted), invoices for funeral expenses, and other related documentation. If your request for financial assistance is granted, you will also be required to complete a US tax form for our records, either a W-9 if located in the US, or a W-8 if located outside the US.