Advanced flexible packaging material solutions for a wide variety of medical applications

Tekni-Plex is known for its excellence in delivering flexible packaging material solutions for a wide variety of medical applications worldwide. Our portfolio includes heat-seal coated and uncoated Tyvek® and paper, medical-grade extrusion laminates, latex-free cold seal coated paper and film and die-cut lids and labels.

Our broad portfolio is backed by ISO 13485-certified manufacturing facilities and a dedicated R&D team that works with our Global Technology Center to ensure the ongoing development of solutions to meet emerging performance and regulatory requirements. We also use our exacting manufacturing principals to drive quality and continuous improvement across all product lines.

Tekni-Plex is also known for its leading coating technology. We use an air knife process to apply an even coating layer, which results in consistent peels, aseptic presentation and sterilization integrity.

We have also invested in the latest 10-color printing technology to ensure that your regulated package complies with legibility requirements.

However, our greatest asset is our people, many of whom have decades of experience in helping companies like yours find the right solution for your specific product. We pride ourselves in delivering a high level of quality service and providing you with options to address your packaging goals.

Here are just a few of our product categories and capabilities:

High-performance coated paper. A cost-effective alternative for a wide variety of breathable and non-breathable applications. Our coatings seal to a wide variety of flexible and rigid films and are compatible with multiple paper grades. Ideal for high-volume applications.

High-performance coated Tyvek®. We offer excellent porosity for aggressive EtO sterilization cycles. The high-strength web is resistant to puncture and tearing, and provides a superior microbial barrier compared to alternative porous webs. Our coatings seal to a wide variety of flexible and rigid films and is compatible with all four medical grade Tyvek® base materials. Our technology also enables good performance over a wide range of environmental conditions.

Laminates (extrusion and adhesive). Our laminates can be custom developed to meet performance requirements. We offer PET, nylon, paper, foil, PE and ionomer laminations with multiple sealing options (high, low, weld-seal, etc.) to suit your application. We also manufacture a wide variety of laminated materials that can be converted into pouches.

Latex-free cold seal. Tekni-Plex is a leading provider of latex-free cold seal paper and films for use in traditional and advanced wound care. Eliminates the health risk associated with allergies to natural latex components. The coating seals to itself for a smooth, fiber-free light peel.

Die-cut lids, labels. Our coated paper, Tyvek®, and extrusion laminates can be produced as die-cut lids or sheets for sealing to rigid trays. We offer short lead times, low minimum order quantities and exceptional service.

Printing. The latest in 10-color printing technology means sharp imprints of your regulated information to meet FDA requirements.

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