Learn how a new veterinary product line was safely consolidated, reducing waste and expense.

Single Blister, Multiple Benefits for Veterinary Packaging

A prominent manufacturer of veterinary medicines had been using a two-step packaging system for its flea and tick topical liquid products. However, the company was seeking a single-blister solution – one that would safely contain toxic topical flea & tick liquids while offering the mandated F=1 child resistance – for seven new products.

Their key goals included improved ease of use, reduced packaging materials, diminished production complexity and elevated supply chain simplicity.

TekniPlex offered several unique solutions that met the requirements and achieved the key goals.

  • $1 million in annual packaging-related savings.
  • Production process simplified from two packaging lines to one.
  • Significantly decreased overall packaging expense and improved user experience.

Download our whitepaper to learn more about how TekniPlex helped bring six new products to market safely, while reducing costs.

About TekniPlex Healthcare

TekniPlex Healthcare deploys world-class material science expertise to deliver value in creating products for medical devices, diagnostics, and drug delivery. With a deep understanding of the needs of end-users, our offerings ensure we provide innovative solutions at the point of patient care.

Single Blister, Multiple Benefits for Veterinary Packaging

How TekniPlex helped safely consolidate a new veterinary product line from two blisters to one, reducing waste and expense.

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