Learn how single-dose vial extends shelf life 4x

A tissue adhesive manufacturer was experiencing multiple shelf-life and shipping issues with its injection-molded unit dose package because it needed to be shipped refrigerated. This made global shipping extremely complicated and expensive. Further, even with this delivery protocol, the monolayer vial could only deliver a limited product shelf life of six to nine months.

Learn how a multilayer, blow molded, coextruded barrier vial from Lameplast dramatically improved performance with no refrigeration.

Shelf life went from six-to-nine months to 34 months, representing as much as a 4x improvement.

  • Freight charges were reduced by 22% annually
  • Product can be shipped at ambient temperature; no refrigeration is required.
  • Refrigeration also not needed at hospitals and other healthcare facilities, freeing up valuable/costly space and minimizing storage costs

    For more details on how Tekni-Plex Healthcare was able to help this company improve its product performance, please download this case study.

    Multilayer blow molded single dose vial solution extends shelf-life up to 4x with no refrigeration
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