Learn how single-dose vials eliminated breakage and improved dose precision


A pharmaceutical manufacturer was using large-volume glass bottles for its liquid anesthetic solutions.  Glass bottles can break, posing safety and cleanup issues. Glass is also heavy to transport and requires additional protective packaging.

Tekni-Plex Healthcare recommended a 10ml injection molded, polypropylene, unit dose vial and multiple benefits were yielded.

Tekni-Plex Healthcare 10ml unit dose vial yielded multiple benefits:

  • Elimination of breakage.
  • Improved safety for both medical professionals and patients
  • Single-dose vial enables precision, no wasted product
  • Elimination of the additional protective packaging required by glass, improving environmental footprint
  • Monolayer PP can handle both EtO (prior to aseptic filling) and autoclave sterilization (after filling) methods
  • Transportation costs reduced approximately 70 percent due to lower volume and lighter weight containers
Tekni-Plex Healthcare eliminates breakage issues and improves dose precision
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