Learn how single-dose vials helped launch new liquid drug


A pharmaceutical manufacturer of tablets for an oral drug wanted to bring a liquid alternative to the marketplace to address consumer needs. This would require a completely new drug delivery system and primary package.

Tekni-Plex Healthcare recommended a 1ml injection molded, polyethylene, unit dose vial to help them successfully launch the drug and improve the patient’s experience.

How we solved the problem:

  • Squeezable, user-friendly, reliable package for correct dosage dispensing
  • Suitable for a broad age demographic from children to elderly
  • Improved dosing ease for parents administering to children and caregivers providing the drug to the elderly
  • Enables portable dosing. No water is necessary
  • Drug is shelf stable; no refrigeration necessary enabling portability
  • Pharmaceutical company increased product category revenues a minimum 20% due to market growth
  • Global geographic penetration also expanded
Tekni-Plex Healthcare helps launch new liquid drop and improve patient experience
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