Superior tubing components in life-saving medical device improve patient outcomes

A delicate balance for a critical purpose

A leading manufacturer of breast biopsy devices was experiencing quality control issues with its paratubing supplier, leading to a variety of mission-critical concerns. The paratubing difficulties fell into two distinctly detrimental categories: (1) inconsistent inter-tube bond strength, and (2) inconsistent dimensional tolerances.

Components for any medical device must be precisely manufactured to ensure reliable functionality and premium performance. This vital breast biopsy device, screening for the most common form of cancer in the world, was no exception to that rule.

The manufacturer of the breast biopsy device turned to TekniPlex Healthcare to upgrade the process of creating paratubes and, through it, the product itself.

TekniPlex Healthcare quickly developed a paratubing solution that

    • Reduced pre-operative device rejects
    • Improved patient safety
    • Lowered overall manufacturing costs
    • Restored confidence among healthcare personnel

    Download our Case Study to learn more about the paratubing solution that allowed a breast biopsy device manufacturer to offer a safer product, while reducing manufacturing costs.

    About TekniPlex Healthcare

    TekniPlex Healthcare deploys world-class material science expertise to deliver value in creating products for medical devices, diagnostics, and drug delivery. With a deep understanding of the needs of end-users, our offerings ensure we provide innovative solutions at the point of patient care.

    Consistent quality through advanced materials science

    How TekniPlex Healthcare stepped in to create superior tubing components for a life-saving medical device that improved patient outcomes.

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