TekniPlex Healthcare has dedicated itself to continuously developing packaging structures to meet the stringent demands of pharma, medical device and other healthcare applications.  Our manufacturing and technology capabilities across the globe, mean that we are able to deliver materials to help maintain your product’s efficacy and safety.

Blister film for pharmaceutical solid dosage forms: PVC-based
Options include a range of low, medium and high-barrier multilayer films

  • PVC monolayer
  • PVDC two- or three-layer
  • PVDC SBC, super barrier for moisture and oxygen
  • Aclar® (two- or three-layer, symmetrical or with EVOH for added oxygen barrier)

Blister film for pharmaceutical solid dosage forms: PVC-free
Tekniflex® PX copolyester monolayer, PET MTS monolayer, PX/Aclar® laminates, PP monolayer, COC and ECO coextruded five- and seven-layer blister films

Sheets for medical device trays
TekniMD™ PX and TekniMD™ PX MED copolyester sheet, PETG sheet, PET MTS sheet and laminate film structures with EVOH, COC, Aclar® and other available polymers

Flexible films for pharmaceutical fluids
Tekniflex® MED, Tekniflex® EVA and PET SiOx based laminate films

Blister films for veterinary fluids
PP/Barex, PX/EVOH and COC/EVOH high-performance adhesive laminated structures

Cleanroom bags and films
LDPE bags or films manufactured in a cleanroom environment for the biopharmaceutical, medical and other industries requiring clean packaging.

Pouch films and lidding foils
Unsupported and paper-backed, foil-based lidding for blister packs and pouch applications

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