Dispensing Products

Punched Gaskets & Molded Grommets

TekniPlex Consumer Products leverages seven decades of custom formulations and part punching experience to offer custom rubber and plastic punched parts for a wide range of dispensing applications. We excel at developing solutions for precision parts with tight tolerances.


Punched gaskets and molded grommets applications include:

  • Aerosol valves
  • Pumps
  • High flow viscous valves


  • Standard and custom rubber formulations
  • Tolerances +.05mm
  • Thickness up to 3.175mm
  • Lab and chemist support for custom formulations
  • Tooling expertise
  • Punching capabilities include non-metalic materials like plastic, foam and rubber
  • Target volumes between thousands to billions of punched parts
  • Partnering with customer to create customized solutions with demanding applications