Plastic Products


Through a deep understanding of materials science, we have developed dozens of plastic formulations that can be used to match the right material to specific applications.


Materials Science

TekniPlex Consumer Products has the materials science expertise to help select and work with a variety of polymers including PP, PE, PCR and bio-based resins, TPEs, and specialty blends.


  • Close tolerance & precision
  • High volume / high speed
  • Custom material development and formulations


  • Dip tubes and nozzle extensions
  • Medical device components and protective sheathing
  • Swab sticks for wound cleaning/surgical prep and electronics
  • Spreader sticks for cheese and other food products
  • Solid and hollow sticks for ice pops and lollipops
  • Gaskets, seals and tubes for dispensing pumps
  • Tubing for humidifier systems, water treatment, fire extinguishers