TekniPlex Consumer Products is a leading global manufacturer of closure liners and seals for glass, metal and plastic containers. Our innovative products provide tamper evidence, barrier protection and seal integrity.

You’ll find our closure liners on millions of items throughout the world, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, household/ industrial and agri-chemical products. Our global manufacturing footprint in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia enables us to support brand owner needs around the world by providing the right solution.

We provide quality Flexible Packaging to hold and protect market-leading healthcare and personal care products world-wide. These products include multi-layer foil, film, barrier and paper structures for child-resistant, non-child-resistant, peelable or retortable pouches and lidding. We have the capability and flexibility to deliver upon your requirements: large, small, or in between. We pride ourself on a history of over eight decades of demonstrated quality, service, and performance coupled with a commitment to product development and investment to meet today and tomorrow’s packaging needs.

We invented F 217, for coextruded closure liner material used in a variety of pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. TekniPlex Consumer Products is also a leader in pressure-sensitive closure liners, as well as a leading producer of tamper-evident and peelable induction-seal closure liners.

To meet your seal or gasket requirements, our high-speed punch-press equipment can die-cut a variety of lining materials into disks and other customized shapes.

We also understand how important product protection and product integrity is to you—not only for its performance attributes, but also to facilitate your regulatory compliance process. All our manufacturing plants maintain a drug master file and continuous good manufacturing processes (GMP).

We apply world class materials science, engineering and processing capabilities at our Global Technology Center to create next generation, innovative closure liner solutions. With our extensive lamination and extrusion processes, we can help you solve your toughest packaging challenges.



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