TekniPlex Consumer Products liners protect your product, your brand, and your customer throughout the e-commerce process.

Create a greater product experience when using our liners in your package design for over-the-top protection. Preventing leaks, breaks and punctures, our liners help you maintain package integrity throughout the shipping process. Impress consumers with multiple branding options. And, create a great experience from the time your customer opens the box to point of use.

Open Up to a Better Experience

TekniPlex Consumer Products liners. Because your package should come out of the box in the same condition it went in.

We Got An ‘A’

Tekni-Plex gets Amazon APASS Certification

TekniPlex Consumer Products is now an Amazon Certified Design Partner. That means we are especially recognized as knowing what it takes to design and manufacture packaging that will withstand the rigors of shipping.

Protection You Can Trust.

Our liners help you minimize the impact of shipping on your package, while maximizing the impact of your brand on the consumer.

Luxe®ury Branding

With the dynamic options of Luxe®

Take a Sniff

With the sensory impact of Sniff Seal®

Get the Edge

With the easy-opening EdgePull®

Enjoy the Ride

We take particular steps to ensure your package is protected against leaks during shipping.

Maintain product integrity

Amazon design certification

Better branding options

Greater consumer experience

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