TekniPlex Consumer Products is a leading global manufacturer of closure liners and seals for glass, metal and plastic containers. We serve a broad range of product applications including pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, personal care, food/beverage and household/industrial.

With eight plants across the globe–four in the United States and two each in Europe and Southeast Asia—our innovative products ensure that the contents of our customer’s packages are secure from contamination, leakage or loss of product efficacy.

We invented the F-217, for coextruded, closure-liner material for a wide variety of containers material types and products. F-217 is available in multiple thickness and densities to enhance sealing performance and torque retention. Tri-Seal also offers F 828 and F 8268 which offer heat resistance for hot-fill applications.

Our liners feature:

  • Trouble-free performance. Our closure liners are highly compressible which reduces closure back off and makes up for bottle finish variations.
  • Customized liner construction, with several resin options available. Liners can be tailored in thickness, density and resilience.
  • Our foam product line also offers enhanced barrier film construction to address specific product requirements

Product Range

Induction/conduction heat seals. One and two-piece structures with a pulp or foam backing:

  • Tamper-evident/hermetic and peelable seals
  • Universal seals for a variety of container materials including high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP) polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and glass
  • High-barrier and chemically-resistant induction heat seals
  • All induction heat seals are produced with a special high-temperature, resistant-wax formula to ensure product integrity during transit


EdgePull® ease-of-entry liners provide consumer convenience for a wide variety of applications and bottle materials (HDPE, PP, PET, PVC, glass)

  • EdgePull® PPE
  • EdgePull® Universal
  • EdgePull® Univent

Coextruded foam: F-217, F-219, F-422, F-626, F-828, F-8268, F-828HMS

High-barrier and chemical resistance, induction heat seal and standard foam barrier liners:

HS- 8501, HS-8502, HS-8503 LP-217, LNF-217, LSF-217

Liner materials for carbonated beverage applications.
Material types include ethylene vinyl acetate, synthetic olefin rubber (SOR), PP and PE

Materials for pasteurized and retortable products.  SOR-based structures.

Pressure-sensitive liners

Several pressure-sensitive seal options (including our PS-22 and pressure-seal product lines) for dry products marketed in wide variety of container types and materials. Pressure seals are available in a .020, .030, .040 -mil polystyrene foam. They are coated with a proprietary blend of pressure-sensitive waxes to ensure reliable seals without the use of secondary equipment.

Non-pressure sensitive foam liners are available in .020, .030, .040 thicknesses


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