Minimize Leaks and Ensure Product Integrity with F-217 Foam Closure Liners

Your customers count on you to deliver products they trust and use every day – from medications to household cleaning supplies, industrial lubricants, cosmetics, and everything in between. Products like these are at risk of losing their integrity if not properly contained.

The key to preventing leaks and ensuring product protection? A reliable foam liner.

As the inventors of the industry-standard F-217 closure liner, we know what it takes to engineer foam-based liners that deliver on critical performance attributes for any application.

Features and benefits of F-217 Liners:

  • Wide range of foam densities to meet performance objectives
  • Polyolefin foam options:
    • LDPE
    • HDPE
    • LDPE/EVA
    • PP
  • Compatible with PET, PE, PP, PVC, PS, glass, aluminum, and steel containers
  • Thickness: 20 – 125 mils
  • Smoother liner surfaces for improved sealing
  • Standard or custom message printing
  • Modest O2 and moisture barrier
  • Leak prevention
  • Sustainable options
  • Vented liner options

Improve recycle stream reclamation with our ProTecSeals® liners

Mono-material packages provide a more efficient pathway to recycling. TekniPlex Consumer Products is now offering PP foam liners to match PP closures and containers and thus enhance the ability of the materials recovery facility (MRF) to correctly identify and divert the liner/closure combination for reprocessing into next generation materials.

Clich here to learn more about ProTecSeals®

Three-Layer Construction Enables Smoother Surfaces for Improved Sealing

Our three-layer coex construction with solid skins and a foamed core offers smoother contact surfaces for improved sealing compared to mono-layer alternatives. F-217 liners are recommended for a broad range of products including:

  • Pharmaceuticals (over-the counter medication)
  • Chemicals
    • Household
    • Industrial
    • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Food and beverage
  • Cosmetics

Available in rolls or die cut pieces.

Cap lining and wadding automation equipment is available to insert die-cut and/or roll-fed materials. For more information, click here.

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