Employees and Our Communities

As a global company, we recognize our responsibility to our employees, the local communities in which
we operate, and our shared environment. We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive workplace, investing in people so they have the training and skills they need for today and for the future, and participating in and supporting the communities in which we operate.

Fighting COVID-19

Investing more than $3.5M on worker safety and additional employee payments to ensure financial security, including continuity of childcare and education.

The TekniGives program was established to provide assistance to our employees and the communities in which we operate during the current COVID-19 global pandemic and for other future crises, in a variety of ways:

  • The TekniGives Employee Relief Fund. Created from individual donations made almost entirely by the Tekni-Plex Executive Leadership Team to help employees facing financial hardship following a qualified disaster; initially focused on supporting full and part-time regular employees experiencing financial hardship due to circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • TekniGives Solidarity Food Drive. Participating facilities provided collection bins for food and other non-perishable items as well as the option to make monetary donations to any active food drive recipient organization.

The TekniGives campaign also donated more than $300,000 to certain charitable organizations. The purpose of these contributions was to directly support the communities in which we operate and to help them through the struggle with COVID-19. In addition, Tekni-Plex has committed to match contributions by our individual employees.

Racial Injustice Initiatives

While Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are not new concepts at Tekni-Plex, we are embracing a level of commitment, transparency, and investment that is new. Firstly, we believe that we have a moral and ethical responsibility to provide a safe and equitable environment for all employees – an environment where diverse backgrounds and perspectives are valued.

Furthermore, we know that living up to this belief is good for our business and our customers in addition to our associates; diverse teams are six times more likely to be more innovative, three times more likely to be high performing, eight times more likely to have better business outcomes, and two times more likely to meet financial targets.

We are at the very beginning stages of our deliberate journey towards enhancing diversity and inclusion. We have formed an internal working group to focus on DEI at Tekni-Plex, engaged an outside expert in DEI, and rolled out a study within Tekni-Plex to better understand how certain existing practices, policies, programs, and behaviors are impacting employee experiences at Tekni-Plex. Employee input will inform our next steps as we work to transform our organization.


In FY20, Tekni-Plex invested $2.1M across 37 projects to make our operations and facilities safer.

Tekni-Plex strives for zero accidents. 2.3 million women and men around the world succumb to work-related accidents or diseases every year. At Tekni-Plex, we know it can be better. Employees should leave work in the same condition they arrived.

In addition to various safety programs including site safety committees with robust employee engagement, semi-annual employee safety sentiment surveys, behavioral-based safety observations, and local and global safety recognition, Tekni-Plex invests significantly in improving safety throughout the company to protect our most valuable assets – our people.

Talent Management and Leadership Training

Tekni-Plex’s strategic objective for talent management and leadership training is to develop our people and organizational capabilities in line with our Core Values so we can continue to provide industry-leading solutions to our customers.

With Core Values like Innovation, Integrity and Trust, and Employee Fulfillment, Tekni-Plex offers every employee around the world the opportunity to stretch, grow, and succeed every day. Our employees are challenged to bring new ideas to the table, jump in, get involved, and make an impact. Tekni-Plex has a proud history and a compelling future. Behind every great Tekni-Plex product is a team of dedicated employees who are truly making a difference for our customers.

We are driving a culture that rewards those employees who demonstrate our Core Values with excellent opportunities for professional and personal development – at locations around the world.

We live our company values by recognizing peoples’ individual and unique strengths and by looking for ways that they can contribute to the business. We focus on training our employees for skills they need today and the capabilities they will need tomorrow to ensure our future success.

Every Tekni-Plex employee has access to varied and comprehensive training programs led by either internal or external trainers in a variety of different disciplines, and we invest in our supervisors so that they can motivate, develop, and drive the performance of their teams.


Investing In Our People

Tekni-Plex realizes our people are our most valuable asset.

Tekni-Plex Medical’s teams in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Ridgefield, New Jersey, and Sparks, Nevada, achieved Investors In People Silver Accreditation for their deep employee engagement through leadership, support, and continuous improvement.