Ethics and Integrity

Integrity and Trust are Core Values of Tekni-Plex, forming the foundation of all our global divisions and business operations and a key factor in our world-class relationships with our customers.

We hold ourselves personally accountable for the highest standards of behavior, which include being honest in intent and actions, setting high personal standards and living by them, and being trustworthy and respecting confidentiality. Customers and company resources are treated with the respect they deserve. The Tekni-Plex Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, along with other global policies, summarizes long-standing principles that Tekni-Plex follows to ensure that our business is conducted with integrity and in compliance with the law.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

This policy provides a framework for making ethical business decisions. It is designed to educate and sensitize employees to legal and ethical issues that they may encounter and to help guide them to do the right thing. The Code addresses employees’ responsibilities to the Company, to each other, and to customers, suppliers, and governments. The policy includes a set of detailed standards and guidance related to areas such as business integrity, labor practices, health and safety, legal compliance, anticompetitive practices, confidentiality, conflicts of interest, fair dealing, risk management, and the escalation and proper reporting of issues through our global, dedicated, multilingual hotline available 24 hours a day via an independent third-party service provider. This policy also ties to our Supplier Code of Conduct through which we cascade these principles to our supply chain.

Anti-Bribery and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Policy

This policy, reinforced by training, describes Tekni-Plex’s prohibition against bribery and corruption, provides information and guidance to recognize and deal with related issues, and outlines the steps Tekni-Plex takes to manage associated risks.

Export Controls and Sanctions Policy

This policy, reinforced by training, describes Tekni-Plex’s approach to compliance by its businesses with all applicable export and import control laws, anti-boycott laws, and trade and commercial embargoes. This policy also provides guidance to recognize related issues and outlines the steps Tekni-Plex takes to manage associated risks.