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Medical Tubing and Compounds for Peristaltic Pumps

Tekni-Plex Healthcare is highly skilled in the design, development, and product recommendations of a wide range of peristaltic pump components. Specialized capabilities include materials and high performance tubing recommendations for various peristaltic pump applications.

Tubing Solutions for Insulin Infusion

Infusion sets are arguably the most important part of successful pump therapy because they must provide constant insulin delivery. Tekni-Plex Healthcare offers medical multilayer tubing solutions with PP and PU outer layers for insulin infusion applications.

Tubing Solutions for Sensitive Drug Transfer

Tekni-Plex Healthcare is the trusted design partner for those looking to mitigate risk in sensitive drug transfer applications. We offer a wide variety of unique, patented solutions for UV light blocking and multilayer tubing needs that limit preservative and protein loss through absorption into the tubing.

Our application areas of expertise include chemotherapy drug transfer, insulin infusion therapy, cell and gene therapy, and enteral feeding applications.

Medical Compounds and Tubing for Airway Management Devices

Airway management is a critical element of many hospital procedures and treatments, from unblocking secretions in the airway, administering complicated aspiration, and to reducing trauma or lowering the risk of respiratory distress. Equipment design is key and selecting the right materials and tubing is the foundation for this.

Our application areas of expertise include reathing circuits and attachments (e.g. nasal canula, oxygen hoods, facemasks), extraglottic airway devices, endotracheal intubation, tracheostomy access, and suction devices for airway clearance (e.g. soft catheters and Yankeur tubes).

Medical Compounds and Tubing for Fluid Management Devices

It is important to note that 50-60% of our total body weight is water and electrolytes, hence the management of body fluids is a vital function of many patient treatments and surgical procedures. Devices employed in this capacity can be broken down into 2 basic functions: Intravenous Giving Sets (for the supply of fluids into the body) and Drainage Devices (designed to effectively remove fluids).

Selection of the right materials and tubing is the critical to ensure the safe and effective functionality of such devices.

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