Solutions for Sensitive Drug Transfer

Tekni-Plex Healthcare is the trusted design partner for those looking to mitigate risk in sensitive drug transfer applications. We offer a wide variety of unique, patented solutions for UV light blocking and multilayer tubing needs that limit preservative and protein loss through absorption into the tubing.

Our application areas of expertise include chemotherapy drug transfer, insulin infusion therapy, cell and gene therapy, and enteral feeding applications.

Medical tubing for sensitive drug transfer applications

Multilayer Tubing for Insulin Infusion, Enteral Feeding, and Chemotherapy Drug Delivery

Tekni-Plex Healthcare’s patented delamination resistant multilayer design offers unsurpassed protection from tube delamination due to a tensile shock event during application use. This tube configuration also utilizes a specific grade of polyethylene designed to most effectively mitigate preservative absorption into the tube wall and adsorption to the tubes surface. The unique tubing design is comprised of a polyethylene inner layer, a polyurethane outer layer, and an EMAC tie layer all of which formulations were selected to limit the risk of delamination, especially after sterilization.

UV Blocking Tubing and Compounds for Light Sensitive Applications

Tekni-Plex Healthcare’s UV light blocking technology involves inline colorant compounding for a more uniform light blocking tube design. This technology offers a safer and more consistent transfer of light sensitive drug product. In addition, one of Tekni-Plex’s materials experts can custom design a product that will block out a specific light wavelength range for specific application requirements.

Multilayer Tubing for DMSO and NMP Fluid Transfer

Tekni-Plex Healthcare’s patented multilayer tube design for transfer of DMSO (dimethylsulphoxide) and NMP (n-methyl-2-pyrrolidone) suspensions is also comprised of materials designed not to delaminate during a tensile shock event. This unique product also provides a complete DMSO resistant fluid path as the tube is also solvent bondable to polypropylene fittings and luers. Tekni-Plex Healthcare designed this product specifically for use in dual hormone delivery systems as well as cell and gene therapy processes. Our engineers can help custom design a fluid transfer solution for your applications in these therapeutic areas.

Custom Multilayer Configurations

Tekni-Plex Healthcare offers a wide array of materials with which we have a long history of manufacturing multilayer designs. We have extensive expertise with Pebax, PU, PE, PVC, and TPE among many others. Multilayer tubing configurations available from two to five layer with up to four discrete materials.

Please contact us to have one of our engineers custom design a solution for your unique application.

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