Medical grade PVC and TPE compounding

PVC Compounding

Tekni-Plex Healthcare has a 50-year heritage in supplying the medical device industry with PVC compounds, (formerly under the name of Colorite), ensuring our customers are in safe hands when operating in such a highly regulated industry. Our compounding plants are located in North America, Europe and Asia, which makes us the perfect partner for companies operating in this global market sector.

PVC Compound for Medical Applications

Tekni-Plex Healthcare has an extensive portfolio of PVC compounds available, from Shore A 35 to Rigid designed for a myriad of medical device applications, such as blood and IV tubing, face masks, sight chambers, luer fittings, and more. These grades have a long history of safe use in disposable device markets.

PVC Compound optimized for specific sterilization processes

Specially formulated compounds designed for specific sterilization methods or other parameters employed by medical device companies include:

  • Ethylene Oxide
  • Radiation (gamma and electron beam)
  • Steam

Compound using alternative plasticizers

Selection of the right plasticizer for a product or component builds the foundation for a device and its suitability for a specific application. Tekni-Plex Healthcare has an extensive range of compounds already on the market using alternatives to the standard formulation types using DEHP plasticizers. These include:

  • Non-phthalate: Citrates,¬†Terephthalates, Adipates
  • Extraction resistant: Tri-mellitates, Polymerics
  • Exotics: Epoxidized Oils, Hydrogenated Castor Oil

Superior Elastic Compound

For device applications that require an improved elastic performance such as higher deflection recovery, compression set, tear strength, and more, Tekni-Plex Healthcare has developed a range of grades that meet such demands. Typical devices and components include:

  • Extracorporeal sets
  • Peristaltic pump tubing
  • ET tubes and laryngeal masks
  • Solution bags

Radiopaque materials

PVC (and other Medical Polymers) do not possess enough radiodensity to make them visible under x-ray imaging. The addition of an x-ray contrast ingredient is necessary when using PVC devices that enter the body. Tekni-Plex Healthcacre offers a range of radiopaque compound technologies, including:

  • BaSO4: 10%, 40%, 60%
  • Bismuth
  • Tungsten

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) Compounding

Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs) are unique synthetic compounds that combine some of the properties of rubber with the processing advantages of thermoplastics. Like thermoplastics, when heated and with the application of shear force, TPEs become free-flowing and when cooled regain their original structure and stability. Unlike the chemical cross-linking which occurs in thermoset rubbers, TPEs involves purely physical cross-linking, which can be reversed via the further application of heat, this makes it possible to re-use all production waste and end of life products can be easily reprocessed.

TPEs exhibit elasticity similar to that of a cross-linked rubber. Their softness or hardness value is measured on the Shore durometer scale. Our TPEs are available in a variety of durometers, measuring 25 to 90 Shore A.

TPEs allow for design flexibility, high-performance and ease of processing which is the reason they are the material of choice. TPEs are used in a variety of applications within the medical industry, and new uses for TPEs are being developed all the time.

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