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As pioneers in using advanced polymer technology since 1967 to develop innovative products, our spirit of exploration continues to run deep. Today, it means providing world-class materials science, advanced development, and superior engineering and processing capabilities. This expertise enables us to deliver products that deliver a broad range of performance attributes, however basic or challenging the requirements may be.

Continuous investment in research and development and a determined focus on innovations has led to smarter, safer materials, tubing products and technologies. We guide our customers through material selection, and as their needs evolve, we can create novel solutions to meet them.

Whether it’s inventing the next generation of medical tubing to deliver sensitive medication or advanced medical-grade compounds our team of scientists and engineers are continually developing more effective products. We are not simply a custom manufacturer waiting for a customer’s product specifications – we partner with our customers to create new products and to offer ideas for next-generation solutions for the market.

Using our vast amount of history, expertise and knowledge we can offer support and guidance on:

  • Device design
  • Compound selection
  • Customized formulation development
  • Process validation and optimization
  • Quick prototypes available to expedite development process
  • Sample tubing in various materials and sizes for design development available on Chamfr
  • Regulatory approval
  • Assembly of components: bonding, gluing, welding
  • Accelerated aging studies

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