Tekni-Plex Healthcare solves quality issue for OR generator


A contract manufacturer for a generator that powers forceps used in neurocranial surgeries was having significant quality challenges with its prior tubing set. Sporadically it would find that the bonds between the tubing were either too strong or too weak. Quality issues meant additional internal quality check procedures, followed by lengthy lead times when replacements were necessary. The situation was pushing scrap to an unacceptable 25 to 35%. That, coupled with the additional quality efforts, cost the company an unacceptable $250K over a three-year period.

35% scrap, coupled with additional quality efforts, cost $250K in three years.

Learn how:

  • Switching to Tekni-Plex Healthcare tubing saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in scrap, quality, labor and timeline.
  • Tekni-Plex Healthcare’s Colorite compounds are also being evaluated so that the entire supply chain can be vertically integrated. This will further reduce the sourcing timeline and improve quality control.
  • Compound conversion will also result in additional cost savings for the customer.