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4 Ways Peel N PourTM Liners Prove “Less is More” for Health and Beauty Products

Tekniplex - Erin Neely

Erin Neely

Director of Product Management, TekniPlex

Peel N Pour Health and Beauty Products

Embracing a concept that is central to the industry, Peel N PourTM liners deliver simplified dosing for a better consumer experience.

When it comes to health and beauty products, less is often more. A few drops of essential oil are enough to fill a room with fragrance. A small amount of cosmetic serum can go a long way. Products that are effective in small quantities often indicate that they are of high quality. With an industry that prioritizes the consumer experience and values minimalism, simplicity, and convenience, brands are constantly searching for innovative ways to improve products while using fewer resources.

Peel N PourTM dispensing liners from TekniPlex offer a revolutionary solution to these challenges. These liners embrace the "less is more" concept to improve the consumer experience in four ways:

Controlled Dispensing: Less Wasted Product

Peel N PourTM liners enable consumers to control the flow of product, preventing over-dispensing and wasted product. With the easy-to-use peel-tab design, consumers can precisely measure and dispense the desired amount of product without the risk of over-pouring, ensuring that they get the most out of their purchase.

Minimalist Design: Less Material Used in Packaging

The minimalist design of Peel N PourTM liners requires less material than traditional plastic orifice reducers, minimizing costs and reducing weight. Brands can save money on materials, storage, and shipping while aligning with the sustainability values that many consumers prioritize.

Easy to Use: Less Hassle

Peel N PourTM liners simplify the dispensing process, making it easy and convenient for consumers to use their health and beauty products. Instead of removing the entire liner, consumers can peel away a small tab on top to easily control how much product is dispensed.

Strong Induction Seal: Less Mess

The strong seal of Peel N PourTM liners prevents leaks and spills, keeping products protected through shipping and handling.