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5 Reasons EdgePull® Liners are a Top Pick for Consumers

Tekniplex - Munish Shah

Munish Shah

Director of Innovation, TekniPlex

Easy Openers

Rising consumer expectations for easy product access, integrity, and safety make selecting the right liner for specific applications particularly important to CPGs. This is especially true nowadays when just one negative experience can have a dramatic impact on a brand’s reputation. Similarly, an overall enjoyable interaction can lead to greater brand loyalty.

Liners are critical to protecting the product, maintaining package integrity, and ensuring an overall pleasant user experience. EdgePull® tabbed liners from TekniPlex come in three unique configurations offering CPGs the flexibility to design packaging in ways that most benefit their consumers, while also accommodating brand objectives.

Here’s a look at just five of the reasons consumers benefit from EdgePull® liners from TekniPlex.

Easy to Grip and Remove.

“It is simple and easy to remove.” That is what one of our recent focus group consumer testers said she found in the EdgePull® liner. It is a big reason TekniPlex uses thicker tab material enabling consumers, especially those with reduced grip strength, to remove the liner simply, safely, and easily.

Three Different Configurations Provide Design Flexibility.

Dual Tab, Half-Moon Single Tab, and Offset Single Tab each provide unique advantages to a package designer when considering the user experience.

  • Dual Tab:

    This liner is especially beneficial for larger-size containers needing a stronger tab. The tactile feel and added strength provided by the two tabs ensure a tighter grip.

  • Single Tab (Half Moon):

    Available in smaller and larger sizes, the Half Moon Single Tab provides a traditional solution for packaging seals.

  • Single Tab (Offset):

    The Offset Single Tab creates special leverage in removing seals which can be especially important for packages that could shift or spill when opening.

Printable Product Instruction Area.

EdgePull® liners come with easy-to-follow instructions including an arrow indicating which way to pull the tab for removal. They are also customizable, providing plenty of room for brand owners to print their own clear, unique instructions. We can even do pictograms!

No Residue.

Our liners are suited for PP, PE, and PET, as well as glass packaging. They provide a clean peel for all container types, leaving no residue on the package rim of containers for wet or dry products. This is especially important to consumers for items like juice and milk. In addition, no residue means the liner did its job, which is to protect the product until the point of consumer interaction. It is then easily removed and practically forgotten as the consumer continues to use the product.

Elite product protection.

Consumers want assurance that the item they purchased is secure within the package. EdgePull® liners provide a tight seal for moisture and oxygen protection, leak resistance, and contamination prevention. That’s pretty important when you consider our liners are used in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and beverage, personal care, and household chemical applications.