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Easy Openers: Providing a User-Friendly Experience with Edge Pull

Tekniplex - Jacqui Barber

Jacqui Barber

North American Director of Sales, TekniPlex Consumer Products

Easy Openers

In the world of product packaging, liners play a crucial role in protecting goods and preserving brand reputation. The induction seal on liners is vital for ensuring product integrity, but it can sometimes be challenging to remove, especially for individuals with reduced grip strength. Edge Pull® tabbed liners are designed to make removal effortless for all consumers without compromising the integrity of the seal.

What makes Edge Pull® so easy to remove?

Thicker Tab Material for Enhanced Grip

Edge Pull® liners have a thicker tab material than the competition. This design offers an improved grip surface, allowing users to easily hold onto the tab without slipping. For individuals with conditions like arthritis or hand injuries that affect grip strength, the Edge Pull® tab provides a comfortable and reliable solution.

Strong Bond between Liner and Tab for Durability

In a consumer focus group, participants noted the durability of Edge Pull® liners, emphasizing the strong bond between the liner and the tab. Unlike some tabbed liners that tend to tear apart at the seams, Edge Pull's® tabs are securely adhered to the liner, ensuring that the tabs remain intact and do not delaminate when pulled.

Multiple Tab Configurations for Versatility

Edge Pull® liners come in three distinct tab configurations: Half-Moon, Offset, and Dual tab options. Consumer trials have revealed that the Offset and Dual tab options offer easier gripping and removal experiences. The Offset tab configuration provides more surface area for a stronger grip, while the dual tab option offers enhanced leverage for effortless removal.

Printable Tabs for Valuable Information

Edge Pull® liners are not only easy to use but also provide valuable space for brand owners to add essential information. Easy-to-follow instructions, such as arrows indicating the proper way to pull the tab for easy removal, accompany the liners. Additionally, the tabs are fully customizable, allowing brand owners to incorporate their branding, product information, and even QR codes.