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Open Up to a Better E-Commerce Experience: How Liners Deliver on Product Protection

Tekniplex - Rick McKenna

Rick McKenna

Business Development Manager, TekniPlex Consumer Products


In today's digital era, e-commerce has revolutionized the way we shop, providing convenience and accessibility to consumers worldwide. However, the rigors of shipping and handling pose significant challenges for product integrity throughout the e-commerce process. Packages are subjected to temperature changes, pressure fluctuations, and rough handling – all of which can cause damage to the package and its contents.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the factors that contribute to packaging failures, the impacts on brands, and solutions that ensure products arrive intact.

The Demands of E-commerce Shipping:

E-commerce packages face a grueling journey, often being handled up to 20 times during transit and dropped an alarming 17 times on average. Compared to traditional retail packages, which are typically handled only five times, the risk of damage and mishandling is significantly higher. Additionally, e-commerce packages have a return rate of 20-30%, compared to a 9% return rate for traditional retail packages.

The Impact of Damaged Packages:

E-commerce packages are subjected to various environmental factors that can compromise product integrity. As a package is tossed around during transit, internal pressure builds within the container. Without proper means of pressure release, the container can leak – or worse – explode, inside the package.

Air travel can be particularly hazardous for liquids due to sudden pressure changes that distort or bloat containers. Additionally, cargo planes reach extremely low temperatures at high altitudes, resulting in even greater risks to the contents. Similarly, shipments that are exposed to extreme heat in hot trucks or warehouses can result in product containment issues.

Such incidents not only result in financial losses for brands but also contribute to customer dissatisfaction. A consumer who receives a damaged package is less likely to make repeat purchases and may have a negative impression of the brand.

Costly Chargebacks:

To maintain product quality and customer satisfaction, some online retailers impose fines on sellers when their goods arrive damaged. These fines, known as chargebacks, can have a significant financial impact on brands. By taking steps to safeguard products through packaging innovation, businesses can minimize the financial losses associated with damaged goods.

Preventing Leaks and Protecting Products:

While some sellers resort to adding plastic bags or extra cardboard to mitigate leaks, these measures merely contain the mess rather than prevent it. A more effective approach is to proactively prevent leaks from happening in the first place. This is where closure liners and seals come into play.

TekniPlex Vented Liners – The Breathable Solution:

Vented liners offer a practical solution to container integrity during e-commerce shipping. These liners allow containers to breathe without letting the contents escape. By enabling free air exchange through a microporous membrane, vented liners relieve outward or inward pressures, preventing bloating, paneling, or leaking. They are specifically designed to withstand extreme pressure changes, ensuring product safety throughout the journey.

Vented liners from TekniPlex undergo rigorous testing. They pass both the UN Drop Test and the UN Pressure Test, demonstrating their ability to withstand the demanding conditions of e-commerce shipping. Brands can rely on these verified liners to provide the necessary protection for their products.

By investing in quality vented liners, brands can enhance consumer satisfaction, reduce financial losses, and protect their reputation in the e-commerce marketplace.