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Selecting the Right EdgePull® Liner for Your Product Packaging

Tekniplex - Jacqui Barber

Jacqui Barber

North American Director of Sales, TekniPlex Consumer Products

Selecting the Right

When it comes to liners in product packaging, finding the balance between a strong, protective seal and an easy-to-open consumer experience can be a challenge. EdgePull® and Simply Tab® tabbed lining solutions from TekniPlex are engineered to address both. And, with three distinct tab configurations, brands have more options to provide packaging that protects products and enhances the consumer experience.

In order to determine the right tabbed liner for your specific application, let’s explore the three tab configurations available from TekniPlex:

Simply Tab®

Our most popular Simply Tab® Liner features two tabs instead of one, providing the opportunity for a more secure, tighter grip and an easier pull – which is particularly important on larger product containers.


The Offset tab configuration features a single tab that adheres just off-center, providing leverage when pulled in the short side direction. This is a popular style for nutraceutical applications and other more.


The conventional Half-Moon configuration features a single tab that is bound in the middle. This option is well recognized for delivering trusted product security and familiar ease of use.

Here are some key criteria to consider when determining which EdgePull® liner best suits a product application:


One factor to consider is the container material itself. Different materials have varying levels of permeability and interaction with the product. For example, the Offset liner provides more leverage for an easier peel on PET bottles and reduces the chance of tearing on HDPE containers.


The nature of the product being packaged is another important consideration. Different products have different requirements to maintain their quality and integrity. For example, product fill temperatures can affect sealing quality. The Dual Tab liner is recommended for hot-fill products because it enables consistent pressure across the seal.


Package size and weight can also play a significant role in determining the appropriate liner type. The single tab configurations may be better for containers with smaller diameters. Whereas, packages with larger diameters may benefit from the dual-tab configuration.

Selecting the correct liner type for product package openings is crucial to ensure the integrity and protection of your products. By considering factors such as container material, product type, package size, and weight, you can make an informed decision. Remember that each product and packaging scenario is unique, so it's important to evaluate your specific requirements and consult with your TekniPlex representative if you have any questions