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The Difference is in the Mix: TekniPlex’s Rubber Sheet and Rollstock Solutions Meet Diverse Industry Needs

Tekniplex - Erin Neely

Erin Neely

Director of Product Management, TekniPlex Consumer Products


Rubber components such as gaskets, seals, valves, and washers are integral to numerous consumer products across a broad range of industries. From automotive to food and beverage, pharmaceutical to household products – these components provide essential sealing, insulation, and leak prevention functionality.

To manufacture these reliable rubber parts, converters and fabricators need to start with high-quality rubber sheets and rollstock. Selecting the right supplier for these base rubber substrates is critical.

Here are a few reasons to consider partnering with TekniPlex to deliver the base polymers for all of your die-cutting and converting needs.

Custom Solutions Engineered by Expert Rubber Chemists:

Not all rubber compounds are created equally. Custom formulations can be developed to meet specific performance characteristics for distinct applications. A rubber valve used in lawn and garden equipment may require exceptional weather resistance to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, whereas rubber seals used in pharmaceutical products must comply with stringent regulatory standards. Abrasion resistance, low permeability to gasses, and precise tolerances are just a few examples of rubber properties that can be achieved through custom formulations.

Rubber formulation is a complex process that requires expertise and precision. Our team of expert rubber chemists leverages extensive materials science knowledge and experience to ensure that the rubber compounds meet the exact requirements of each application.

Onsite Lab and Mixing System for Faster Development:

Our onsite lab allows for fast development and testing of custom solutions. We work closely with our customers to ensure that our rubber products meet their specific manufacturing and performance requirements as well as their scheduling needs. Additionally, we recently invested in a new, state-of-the-art mixing system to expand our custom compounding capacity.

Seamless Global Supply:

With compounding facilities in the United States and Europe, TekniPlex ensures a seamless global supply of rubber products. This strategic presence allows for security of supply, no matter where your operations are located.

Meeting Regulatory Compliance Standards and Specifications:

We understand the importance of meeting industry-specific regulations and standards. Our rubber sheet and rollstock products can be formulated to be food contact and pharma compliant, giving you confidence in the safety and quality of our products.