The future of materials science solutions.

We harness the power of world-class materials science. We are a global team of experts pushing the boundaries of what is possible, leading the way in innovation, sustainability and safety.

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Customers depend on TekniPlex to create sustainable solutions through materials science, application experience and market knowledge that reduce environmental impact, while also maximizing manufacturability, performance and the end-user experience.

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Materials Science

TekniPlex innovation is born out of intellectual curiosity and elite materials science expertise in the hands of a global, collaborative network of scientists, engineers and market analysts. Together, it drives better performance, sustainability, higher production efficiencies and lower lifetime costs.

Material Science

Solutions Oriented

Customers depend upon the full scope of our capabilities in materials science, product design and manufacturing processes to create sustainable, functional and consistent solutions in healthcare and consumer products — solutions that can transform their marketplace, but more importantly, drive better user experiences.

Material Science


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Our job opportunities are wide ranging and include engineering positions in research and development centers, as well as roles in manufacturing and distribution, and corporate offices. Our varied businesses require professionals in customer service, supply chain, marketing, sales, finance, information technology, and more.

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